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Marlon Brando Estate wins victory on appeal

I previously covered the will contest filed against the Marlon Brando Estate by the ex-wife of Marlon’s deceased son, Christopher.  At the time, it appeared that the attorneys for Deborah Brando — on their third try — filed a sufficient legal challenge so that the probate judge would allow the case to proceed.  The judge threw out their first two tries.Marlon Brando as GF

Deborah claimed that the Codicil (or will amendment) dated less than two weeks before Brando’s death was actually forged, and that the co-executors of the Marlon Brando Estate committed fraud to hide the forgery.

But the co-executors filed a motion asking the judge — again — to dismiss the challenge.  This time, the judge agreed with them.  He ruled that the claim was filed too late.  The will and codicil were accepted into probate back in August, 2004.  Deborah’s lawyers had filed her claim (the first time) more than three years later.

The judge also ruled that Deborah lacked legal “standing” to make the challenge in court, because

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Katherine Jackson still batting for say in Michael Jackson’s Estate

The Michael Jackson Estate was back in court this week.  The first order of business for the judge was to approve the appointment of Katherine Jackson and the guardian for the children, after she and Michael’s ex-wife, Deborah Rowe, reached a deal allowing it.  Michael_jackson

Doctor Arnold Klein showed up to voice objections to the arrangement, saying he had a “unique interest” in the children’s welfare.  Because he had no legal right to contest the guardianship (he’s not a relative, although media reports suggested he may be the biological father), the judge refused to hear him.  There are rumblings that Dr. Klein may still lodge a fight for the children, so watch out for that.

The judge then ruled that Michael Jackson’s will (which you can read here) was formally admitted to probate.  Katherine removed her petition objecting to it, allowing the two named executors John Branca and John McClain to continue serving in that role.

Think this means the fight to control the estate is done?  Think again. 

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