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The Trial & Heirs Grow Your Business Club For Professionals

We’ve had financial planners, insurance agents, attorneys and accountants reach out to us and ask us for help, advice and information.  We designed our Trial & Heirs Grow Your Business Club in response to professionals just like you who have asked for our help.  The Club will help you use celebrity stories to make more money and dramatically improve your client relationships. 

These are some of the questions professionals have sent us, asking for our help:

Q: “After a while, I feel like I’ve presented on the same things over and over again and it gets boring.  I’ve talked about everything I could possibly think of.  Can you help me hook clients and prospects in and create revenue in a new way?”

A: Yes we can!  Celebrity stories are a great way to accomplish this because they are fun and fresh.  There is a constant stream of new material … which we will give you when you join our Club.  There will always be something new to talk to your Read more...

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Research Study Shows Professionals How To Grow Their Businesses

We’ve had so many financial and legal professionals contact us and ask how they can use our celebrity stories about estate planning to help their businesses.  In addressing this, we came across a fascinating research study that covers this very topic.  

It’s the “Economics of Loyalty” study, by Advisor Impact and sponsored by Vanguard.  It surveyed clients of financial planners to learn what differentiated clients who are merely satisfied from those who are engaged enough to make referrals.  It found that “engaged” clients made an average of 2.3 referrals, while those who were merely “satisfied” referred none.

The study also found another startling conclusion … there is almost no correlation between asking for referrals and receiving them. Rather, most clients made referrals to help their friends, co-workers and families members in need, not the professional.  In other words, to earn referrals and build your business, you have to show clients that you are able to provide a benefit to people they might refer to you.

How do you do this?