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Gary Coleman’s Ashes Sit While his Ex-Wife Fights his Estate

Shannon Price and Gary Coleman enjoyed a brief, but love-filled marriage until they divorced in 2008. How do we know it was so loving? Because, according to Price, they remained together as common-law husband and wife, even after they divorced.

That’s right, she says they lived together, enjoyed marital relations, and considered themselves to be a married couple until Coleman passed away at age 42 on May 28, 2010. Utah is one of the few states that permits common-law marriages.

And whether they truly were a common-law married couple is the focus of the estate fight currently brewing now. It doesn’t make much sense for a couple to get divorced, as Coleman and Price did, but then become a common-law married couple.

Perhaps that’s why the estate fight has dragged on so long. Price’s spokesperson said that she’s battling in part to be able to receive Coleman’s ashes so she can properly lay them to rest … that is, she wants to lay most of them to rest.

She wants

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