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We’ve had financial planners, insurance agents, attorneys and accountants reach out to us and ask us for help, advice and information.  We designed our Trial & Heirs Grow Your Business Club in response to professionals just like you who have asked for our help.  The Club will help you use celebrity stories to make more money and dramatically improve your client relationships. 

These are some of the questions professionals have sent us, asking for our help:

Q: “After a while, I feel like I’ve presented on the same things over and over again and it gets boring.  I’ve talked about everything I could possibly think of.  Can you help me hook clients and prospects in and create revenue in a new way?”

A: Yes we can!  Celebrity stories are a great way to accomplish this because they are fun and fresh.  There is a constant stream of new material … which we will give you when you join our Club.  There will always be something new to talk to your clients and prospects about that is both interesting and educational.  Helping clients with the difficult concepts of estate planning, in an innovative and non-threatening way, is a great way to build your client base!


Q: “I’m always looking for ways to convert clients and prospects and talk about something new and interesting that other people aren’t doing.  Can you help me?”

A: Who isn’t interested in celebrity stories?  We have stories that cover all different ages, demographics and industries.  Actors, musicians, politicians, billionaires, athletes … there is something to appeal to each of your clients and prospects.  And each story has an important lesson.  That is the key here, because when you educate your clients, in a way that is interesting and fun, it leads to stronger client relationships.  Research shows this leads to more referrals and more sales.


Q: “I need help with client meetings.  It can be really difficult to talk with clients about doing the proper estate planning, both for me and the clients.  Can you help me have these conversations to motivate clients?”

A: Our stories, newsletters, and other tools transform the difficult concept of estate planning into something interesting and non-threatening.  It’s so much simpler to get the conversation started talking about someone else – celebrities – rather than your clients. Then, from there, it’s easy to transition to your clients’ own situations, using the lessons learned from the celebrity stories.

Q: “I need tools to help make more money, but it needs to be something easy, simple, not take a lot of time to digest and of course, be revenue driven.”


A: Our Club includes turn-key tools that will be easy for you to incorporate into your practice.  We give you articles, newsletters, email reminders, an innovative estate planning organizer, and more, all of which you can personalize and send to clients and prospects in a variety of ways.  Research shows that client education and stronger client relationships are the top ways to generate more referrals and more sales.  Our tools are designed to educate your clients and improve your relationships, with the goal of growing your business.

Q: “I need to differentiate myself and separate myself from my competition. I know that I need to specialize, but I’m not sure how to do this.”

A: Focusing on estate planning and elder issues is a great niche. The baby boomer population is aging rapidly, dramatically increasing the number of people 65 and over. A great way to cater to this population, and be able to honestly tell prospects you specialize, is to become familiar with and incorporate estate planning into your practice.   Our tools help you do this.  We even have an educational DVD series available which will help you learn what you need to know to specialize and talk knowledgeably about these issues.

Q: “I need help following-up with my clients on their lack of estate planning, but I don’t want to get annoying or have them get mad at me.  Can you give me a fun, nonthreatening way to do this?”

A:  Yes!  You will be able to send regular emails and mailings to your clients with interesting stories, each one with an easy-to-follow lesson at the end.  We also have a special drip-list tool for exactly this purpose.   We write the content, for you to personalize and send, to gently remind you clients, through celebrity stories, of the need for estate planning.  This is a great way for you to stay top-of-mind for your clients, and prove to them that you are their “quarterback” to help them address all of their needs.

Q: Can this Club truly help grow my business, even in this difficult economy?

A: We know times have been tough in recent years, and it seems like competition is fiercer than ever.  It’s time to take a unique look at your marketing and client-building approaches, so you can set yourself apart from your competition.  That’s what the Trial & Heirs Grow Your Business Club is for.  It’s priced at a reasonable, monthly investment level of $197, which will allow you to pay for an entire year with only one or two new sales!

We designed the Club based on research, which you can read about here, to transform your business in a fun, innovative and easy-to-use way.

Why not try it out through our 14-day free trial?  What do you have to lose?

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